Best Kids’ Smartwatch with Games – Top 7 Reviewed for 2024

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If you’re looking for a kids’ smartwatch with games, you might be overwhelmed by the large number of watch options to sift through. It seems like the number of watch options for kids is multiplying daily!

As a parent myself, I know how often we have to get stuff done while toting around kids.  Like going to the grocery store, waiting in a doctor’s office, or even taking a 30-minute car ride.  Having a kids’ smartwatch that’s filled with games that will briefly entertain but also educate children can be a great help for children who don’t have tablets or cell phones.  Because sometimes, we parents just need something to keep their hands and minds occupied and their mouths quiet for a brief period!

As such, I’ve put together reviews for the best kids’ smartwatches with games for children of all ages to help you make your decision quicker. So, read on!

Best Kids’ Smartwatches With Games – Reviews

1. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 Black (Amazon Exclusive)

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Age Range: 4-12 years
Fitness Tracking: Yes (not as accurate or as feature-rich as a dedicated kids’ activity tracker, though)
Messaging/Calling: No

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is my favorite child’s smartwatch with games because it has so much to offer young kids in just one watch.  With VTech being a well-known household brand, it also is backed by their satisfaction guarantee and a track record of good products.

Coming in 8 different colors that will appeal to a broad range of children, this VTech smartwatch will entertain and educate your young child.

Fun features of the Kidizoom DX2:

  • Teaches children how to tell time with its “speak time” function and Time Master activity
  • Built-in cameras and microphone to take pictures and videos and record sounds.  A selfie camera is included!
  • Fitness tracking pedometer and three activities to encourage kids to get up and move around
  • Basic alarm, timer, stopwatch, and calendar

Details about the smartwatch games:

Now, for the entertainment aspect.

There are three main games for kids to play: Ancient Adventure, Mousy Maze, and Puzzle Swap. 

Ancient Adventure is a Sonic the Hedgehog type of game for pure entertainment purposes, while Mousy Maze involves helping a mouse find cheese and keys to exit doors in a maze.  There’s a little bit more thinking involved here.

Puzzle Swap involves rearranging puzzle pieces to form a photo, so there is some educational value as well as entertainment value for this.

There are also two interactive activities: Monster Catcher and Noodle Booster

With Monster Catcher, children walk around their surroundings to find “invisible monsters.”  It’s a bit like Pokemon Go and will get kids moving and interested in their surroundings.  It’s a game that won’t bore them as quickly, and it encourages them to be more active.

Noodle Booster contains three progressive logic games to train kids’ brains.  For very young children, these games might be too advanced at first, but this watch will give them room to grow.

Read my full VTech Kidizoom DX2 review for more information!

2. PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch with Camera and Games – Review

PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch with 90°Rotatable Camera Touchscreen Kids Watch Music Pedometer Flashlight Games FM Radio Kids Smart Watch Sports Watches Digital Wrist Watch for Boys

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Age Range: 4-12
Fitness Tracking: Yes
Messaging/Calling: No

The Prograce kids’ smartwatch features a ton of kid-friendly features for a price that parents will like!  Prograce makes more than just watches, so don’t worry that they’re just another Amazon company selling a knock-off product.  In addition to kids’ watches, Prograce produces cameras, tablets, and even LCD writing tablets designed specifically for kids.  As such, this is one of the best kids’ smartwatches with a camera as well.

Here are some of the features of the Prograce kids’ watch:

  • 90-degree rotatable camera so kids can also take selfies
  • FM radio and music player, which is also compatible with earphones
  • Fitness tracking: steps and calories burned as well as activity challenges for the current day
  • Clock and flashlight function

There are 4 built-in games, played on the watch’s touchscreen, that can train kids in fast thinking and a little in coordination:

  • Brave Money
  • Whac-A-Mole
  • Ninja Run Online
  • Welcome the God of Wealth

One thing I like about the Prograce Kids’ Smartwatch is the inclusion of a headphone connection.  If one of your main goals in looking for a smartwatch with games for your child is to keep them quiet in certain situations, like a crowded waiting room, the option of the sounds coming through the headset is a nice feature!  No need to disrupt you or the people around you!

The rotatable camera is a nice feature as well for kids who like to capture their surroundings.  Just know you’ll need to purchase a micro SD card to store pictures.  The card is also required if you’re wanting to add songs to the watch from your computer.

Compared to the Kidizoom DX2 smartwatch, the Prograce has fewer features but is less of an investment for parents.  It also only comes in pink or blue colors, so not as many color options either.

3. HuaWise Kids Smartwatch

HuaWise Kids Smartwatch[SD Card Included], Waterproof Smartwatch for Kids with Quick Dial, SOS Call, Camera and Music Player, Birthday Gift Game Watch for Boys and Girls(Not Support AT&T) (Blue)

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Age Range: 4-12 years old
Fitness Tracking:

HuaWise, a Chinese company, produces one of the most budget-friendly kids’ smartwatches.  With two-way calling and an SOS feature, the HuaWise watch is geared towards parents with kids who don’t own a phone but may still need to make phone calls.

Smartwatch Features:

  • Two-way calling and messaging
  • Camera
  • Music player
  • Alarms and more!

All About the Games

The 7 built-in educational games keep kids busy when parents need it most. These games include Pinball Hit Bricks, Basketball Shoot Master, Mario Eat Gold, Car Grab Goods, 2048, and Bee War.  Considering you’re playing a 1.54″ touchscreen, they are games with great graphics!  Parents can set limits for children’s daily game times, too, so they’re not glued to their watch.

Before purchasing, make sure to check with your wireless carrier if you want to use the calling function without a prepaid plan.  If you’re not interested in the call function, the other features of the watch will not be disabled if you don’t purchase a SIM card.

4. Karaforna Kids Game Smart WatchKids Game Smart Watch Phone - 1.54” Touch Screen Game Smartwatches with [1GB Micro SD Card] Call SOS Camera 7 Games Alarm Clock Music Player Record for Children Boys Girls Birthday Gifts 3-10 (black)

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The Karaforna kids’ smartwatch is very similar to the HuaWise smartwatch, just is produced by another company. Like the HuaWise, because this a true child’s “smartwatch,” two-way calling is available as is an SOS key for emergencies. It provides no GPS-tracking or fitness tracking but is filled with other features.

About the games:

There are the same 7 built-in games included on the Karaforna Smartwatch as on the HuaWise watch.  For kids who may get a little too glued to the games, with the parental controls, you can set screentime limits also.  Since the Karaforna watch so comparable to the HuaWise smartwatch, I do recommend checking both prices to see which is going to be the better deal for you.

Also as a note, if wanting to use the calling functions, you will need to consider extra costs associated with purchasing a SIM card and data.  The watch can be used without the messaging functions, though.

5. LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand, BlueShop on Amazon!

Age Range: 4-7 years
Fitness Tracking: Yes
Calling/Messaging: No

If you’re looking for a kids’ watch with games aimed towards younger children, the LeapFrog LeapBand is a great choice.  As a fitness tracker, it also encourages movement.

In terms of watch features, it speaks time to young children and also displays time in analog or digital format.

In terms of games, it is reminiscent of Giga Pets and Tamogatchis from way back when I was young.  To play, kids get to pick a virtual pet of their own.  When kids are active, they receive points within the device, which unlocks more pets, toys, and features.  Active kids equal happy pets!

With 50 active challenges, the LeapBand fitness tracker will also get kids moving.  Challenges include things like “march like an elephant” or “hop like a kangaroo.”  Simple and easy for young kids to understand!

For parents concerned with excess screentime for younger kids, parental controls on the device will let you set limits for use as well as quiet times.

6. Garmin Vívofit Jr 2 Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

Garmin Vívofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1-Year Battery Life, Adjustable Band, Captain America

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Age Range: 4+ for the stretchy band, 6+ for the adjustable buckle band
Fitness Tracking: Yes
Messaging/Calling: No

While this isn’t a kids’ smartwatch with games available on the device itself, it is a great fitness tracker that comes with an in-app adventure game that can be accessed on a different device.  Access to this adventure is dependent on kids obtaining 60 active minutes each day.  Once kids meet their daily fitness goal, they are allowed “moves” in the game within the app.

With countless characters, ranging from Anna and Elsa to Captain America, each Vivofit Jr 2 comes with a different character-themed app adventure.  Purchasing a new character band while keeping the core tracker can change up the app adventure if kids get bored or grow out of their character.


  • Tracks sleep, activity time, and steps.  Allows kids to compete with friends who also have a Vivofit Jr 2
  • Can also track chore data for kids and add tasks to earn virtual coins, redeemable for a reward
  • Typical timing features: clock, timer, alarm, stopwatch

Parents can download the free mobile app to track kids’ activities and add in tasks or reminders.  Like brushing teeth or feeding the dog.

One great thing about this fitness tracker is it has a 1-year battery life without recharging!  It also is one of the best waterproof kids’ smartwatches, so kids can swim in it or submerge it up to 50 meters.

If you’re looking for a kids’ smartwatch with games that can be accessed at any time, this isn’t a great choice.  However, the Vivofit Jr 2 is a perfect answer for parents who are looking to get kids moving and rewarding them with games.

7. VTech Learning Watch

VTech Paw Patrol Chase Learning Watch, Blue

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Age Range: 3-6 years
Fitness Tracking: No
Messaging/Calling: No

Available in Paw Patrol or PJ Masks, the VTech learning watch for kids is a much less expensive but still exciting version of the VTech Kidizoom DX2 smartwatch.

A kids’ watch with games rather than a smartwatch with games, there are only other basic functions available, including a clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer.  Kids can practice telling time, though, with many different watch faces.

There are 4 interactive learning games available on each watch, which are related to the character theme of the watch.  For younger kids, the games will be both entertaining and educational.

The beauty of purchasing from a well-known brand like VTech is the backed customer service if something should go wrong.  Definitely give it a look if you’re wanting to find a wearable for your young kids.


As you can see, there are many great options for kids’ smartwatches with games available.  Which watch you prefer depends solely on the other features you want.  For instance, fitness tracking is best on the Vivofit Jr 2, while messaging is best on the HuaWise or Karaforna Smartwatch.  And if you’re looking for no other extra features, the VTech learning watch is the least expensive!  As always, let me know if you have any questions!