About Me

Hi, y’all! I’m Aly, the owner here at Best Smartwatch for Kids.

Here’s a little background on me, so you’ll know where I’m coming from as I’m writing kids’ smartwatch reviews.

I did my undergraduate degree in engineering and absolutely loved it!  However, with the collapse of the economy right as I was graduating in the late 2000s, getting a job was going to be a bit difficult with just a bachelor’s degree.  So, I decided I’d continue with school and ultimately became an eye doctor with an emphasis on research.  I did a lot of impressive things along my education journey like co-authoring papers and publishing patents and giving talks at conferences and such.

Then, I met my husband while working on my doctorate, and we got married and had two beautiful girls.  I slowed down on working so I could spend more time at home with them.

One day, when my oldest told me she wanted a smartwatch like mine for Christmas, I was totally taken aback.  Did parents actually buy expensive fitness watches for their kids, and why on earth would they need one?

I started looking more into kids’ smartwatches and was so impressed with the technology and versatility. I slowly came around to how my daughter could benefit from a smartwatch.  (As a girl-mom, I especially like smartwatches with GPS tracking!)

This research into choosing the best product for my daughter is why I started this blog to help other parents find the best wearable devices for their kids, from toddlers to teens.

What smartwatch do I wear?

my samsung galaxy active 2 watch

I started with a Fitbit way back in the day that did nothing but count steps.  I later traded in for the Fitbit Alta and then the Fitbit Blaze.  I’m currently using the Samsung Active 2 because I wanted a fitness watch that had a microphone and speaker as well.  And, as a dedicated Android user, I’ve been very pleased with how it’s integrated with my phone.  However, there are a few things I’d change, of course.  But for now, I’m loving my smartwatch!